We are a team that lives and breathes the fast paced business of global retail, understanding how time-lines and budgets drive decisions. Our specialized expertise in design, operations, and retail, challenges consumer expectations.

Our process allows us to define the parameters used to create packaging systems that activate growth, and realize the ability of well designed packaging to become a physical representation of your brand.

Our mission to inspire over the last 15 years continues to actively shape our corporate future. By leveraging our design and development knowledge, we create consumer experiences, within defined parameters, to inspire and drive growth.

Design Packaging believes in working with people that live and breathe retail, understand that design is beautiful only when it lives up to it’s promise, and delivers on time. Plus, we have to like each other. Our goal is to become a collaborative extension of your brand. Our cross-disciplinary process integrates design thinking, product development, and mass production knowledge within the management of our global supply chain. This holistic approach provides your team the knowledge and foresight needed to overcome those unforeseen hurdles we’ve come to expect in the business of fashion and retail.

Our team’s design thinking process delivers diverse, and dynamic, creative solutions across luxury, retail, and fashion.

Design Packaging’s people, their talents, and their commitment, will inspire you.